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Explore the Jumbo Prime and Non-QM suite of programs designed for today’s borrowers. We pride ourselves on making common-sense lending decisions that are based on more than just numbers on a file.

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Cannabis Borrowers? We can help.

FundLoans is one of the few wholesale lenders able to make loans to borrowers in the cannabis industry. If you’re looking to tap into this rapidly growing market, you’ve come to the right place. Talk to your FundLoans Account Executive or email us using the link below to learn more.

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MDME Podcast – How to Lose a Referral Source in 10 Minutes

On the latest episode of the Million Dollar Mortgage Experience, FundLoans CEO and Co-Founder Jon Maddux sits down with one of the top real estate brokers in Southern California, Jeff Grant of Sand & Sea Investments, to discuss what he looks for in a lender partner, predictions for 2022, and more. Available wherever you listen or watch your favorite podcasts.

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Experience Wholesale Jumbo Non-QM Redefined

"For me, it was the ease of use and because of that I can't imagine wanting to send loans anywhere else."
- Preston Caffrey | Ocean Equity Solutions Inc.




As the number of self-employed borrowers skyrocket, the Million Dollar Mortgage Experience (MDME) podcast is there to make sure you have the skills, mindset, and ideas required to crush it in the Super Jumbo, Non-QM space. With over thousands of listeners, Jon Maddux, Host of MDME and CEO of FundLoans, provides professional insight and money-making tips to continually upgrade your sales toolbox.

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