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One of the several benefits of working with us at FundLoans is our appraisal process. In the spirit of the unparalleled service we provide to our brokers, we have developed our own AIR compliant appraiser panel comprised of the best in the business in the markets we serve. We have eliminated the tired and inefficient AMC model with most of our loans. We pay our appraisers a fair fee and in turn we get loyalty from these great appraisers which results in quality valuations for our brokers. We have a chief appraiser on staff to ensure all appraisals are reviewed to eliminate further revisions during the processing of the loan. In the case a reconsideration of value is desired by one of our valued brokers, our chief appraiser will help facilitate this process. We are proud to offer this next level benefit to our brokers and look forward to working with you.

Please fill out the form to order an appraisal from our in house appraisal desk. Check with your account manager for investor specific second appraisal requirements.

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