About FundLoans

FundLoans is a unique Jumbo Non-QM Wholesale lender that takes a holistic approach
to provide a redefined, 
make-sense lending experience. 

​Through excellence and outside the box thinking, our company's mission is to show mortgage brokers that
our clients' reputation comes first and delivering on what they promise is vital. 

The FundLoans story begins at the very heart of our core values:

 Service, problem solving approach, reputation, and team-oriented action

In 2012, as a mortgage broker, I began dreaming about what it would be like to have access to a Jumbo lender that would go above and beyond. Someone who would take a more holistic approach to underwriting. Two years later, we began helping prospects affected by the financial crisis regain homeownership by offering programs that looked at more than just a credit score or an isolated credit event. Exceptions were a thing of the past, yet an extremely valuable part of lending to people who don’t always fit in a box.  

Over several years, our dream expanded as we took a different approach to self-employed income and non-traditional borrowers who were overlooked by mainstream lenders. When non-QM emerged, we focused on it from the beginning. To say that we became proficient at it would be an understatement. 

Seeing brokers struggle to get their Jumbo loans approved ignited our passion to help the near-miss Jumbo market. Originators can often feel like no one cares about their loans as much as they do.  We wanted to change that experience.  

Our company’s mission is to show mortgage brokers that we also care about each loan we get. We care about their reputation, and we work tirelessly as a team to get their valued borrower a loan. Having origination at my core, I understand how essential it is to work with a lender that cares. We know that delivering on what you promise is vital. 

At FundLoans, we value brokers as our clients, and are committed to helping you grow your Jumbo and non-QM business.

Let’s fund loans, together.

J O N  M A D D U X