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As the number of self-employed borrowers skyrocket, the Million Dollar Mortgage Experience (MDME) podcast is here to make sure you have the skills, mindset, and ideas required to crush it in the Super Jumbo, Non-QM space. With over thousands of listeners, Jon Maddux, Host of MDME and CEO of FundLoans, provides professional insight and money-making tips to continually upgrade your sales toolbox.

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Non-QM and Real Estate Market: Industry Shifts, Housing Bubble, and future Lending with blockchain.

In this episode of MDME, Jon Maddux and Chad Mestler talk about Industry Shifts, Real Estate Bubble, Market Trends after Covid, and future Lending with blockchain.
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Luxury real-estate and the NON-QM Market

One of San Diego's top 50 agents, Chad Dannecker and Jon Maddux, discuss the Non-QM Market advantages and disadvantages and the future of Luxury Real Estate.

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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Non-QM loans

In this new episode of the MDME podcast, Jon Maddux sits down with Clint, broker and founder of the the Worland group. We discuss getting business in a down market and the good bad, and the ugly of Non-QM loans.

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How to Originate Non-QM Loans

Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers – Are you looking for ways to grow your book, get more Non-QM referrals, and win over Realtors?

In this episode of the Million Dollar Mortgage Experience podcast, host Jon Maddux sits down with Preston Caffrey and Austin West to discuss how adding Non-QM to their origination business was the best decision they ever made - and why you should look to Non-QM to boost your own business.

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Drive Sales through Effective Communication

This new MDME podcast episode features Jeff Klubeck, communications expert, motivational speaker, and owner/business coach of Get A Klu, Inc. As Professor of Communication, Jeff has taught communication skills and public speaking to thousands of students, helping them improve their confidence and competence to communicate effectively. Jeff has parlayed this background into a successful career teaching business leaders and professionals how to grow their sales and business by becoming better communicators. Listen as he discusses various strategies and methods that you can employ right now to start improving your own communication style.

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Rethinking the American Dream of Homeownership

Jon Maddux sits down with Jim Park, founder of The Mortgage Collaborative, to discuss recent developments in housing, how diversity can help the mortgage industry close the homeownership gaps found in certain demographics, and how Non-QM lending can help mortgage brokers reach more borrowers and better serve their communities.

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How To Lose a Referral Source in 10 Minutes (and other things you should know)

On this episode of the Million Dollar Mortgage Experience, Jon sits down with Jeff Grant, founder, and owner of Sand & Sea Investments, one of the top brokerages in San Diego, CA. Jon and Jeff cover all kinds of topics in this episode including how Non-QM can be that 'separating factor' for mortgage brokers looking for Realtor partners, potential causes of a hypothetical housing crash, strategies for winning bidding wars, if it's better to rent or own, the latest tech disruptors and so much more.

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Success with Non-QM

Andrew discusses how he made his way from Nigeria to the United States where he founded a successful residential and commercial mortgage business, Integrity Credit Corporation, and discovered a passion for helping people build and fix their credit. Hear this incredible story and learn ways you can help your clients get their credit in shape.

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Revolutionize Your Mortgage Marketing with Alex Machuca

On this episode of the Million Dollar Mortgage Experience, Jon sits down with serial entrepreneur Alex Machuca to discuss how he is revolutionizing the mortgage lead generation industry. Alex's company, Lyncrest Media, is one of the fastest-growing mortgage marketing companies in the country and takes all of the hassle and headache out of lead generation for their clients. 

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How AIME is Reshaping the Broker Community with Katie Sweeney, CEO, AIME

Jon Maddux, host of MDME and CEO of FundLoans, sits down with AIME CEO Katie Sweeney to discuss how AIME helps mortgage brokers elevate their brands and their businesses, the ways independent mortgage brokers are changing the game, the rise of women in the mortgage industry and more.

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Getting The Most Attention in 2021

How do you stand out when everyone is competing for the same amount of screen time that you are? In this episode of the Million Dollar Mortgage Experience, FundLoans CEO, Jon Maddux and Vice President of Relationships-Mortgage, Casey Hughes-Wade discuss how to really get the attention of your clients in 2021 – and more importantly, how to build on that connection. As a business relationship expert, Casey shares with us social media tips, what you can do to get the most out of virtual conferences this year, and how defining your “why” is one of the most important ways to stand out. 

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The Million Dollar Mortgage Experience is the premier podcast for mortgage brokers and other real estate professionals aimed at giving away tricks, tips, and secrets to help you originate mortgage jumbo loans.

Host: Jon Maddux - CEO/Co-Founder of FundLoans Jon Maddux has been in the mortgage/finance industry for over several decades and has been featured in publications such as Forbes Names You Need to Know, The Wall Street Journal, and more. There are few professionals that possess as much knowledge and experience in non-QM as Jon Maddux.

FundLoans is a Jumbo/Super Jumbo wholesale mortgage lender that specializes in non-QM lending. If you are a mortgage broker who is interested in learning more about our products, contact us at

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